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Sunboard Plus XTT

Pressure Level: High (Level 4)

UVB: <1% UVA: 99%

Max Exposure: 15 Minutes

The SunBoard is America's only 4-sided panoramic tanning bed. It utilizes advanced technology and is designed with a wide open, non-claustrophobic environment. The design permits ease of entry and exit and has a contoured surface, which conforms to your body for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. It is a high pressure unit with a maximum exposure of 15 minutes. Only available at our 56th location.


Pressure Level: (Level )

UVB: % UVA: %

Max Exposure: Minutes

Only available at our 37th location.

UWE S Class

Pressure Level: High (Level 4)

UVB: 2.5% UVA: 97.5%

Max Exposure: 12 Minutes

This high pressure bed has a total of 57 lamps with a total bed wattage of 16,000w. It offers aromatherapy & mist; intense shoulder & extreme facial high pressure facial tanners. With a 10-12 minute maximum time this bed is both luxurious and powerful. Available at our 37th AND 56th locations.

Master Sun 360

Pressure Level: High (Level 5)

UVB: 1% UVA: 99%

Max Exposure: 9 Minutes

The 360 combines state of art technology with incredible comfort. Features the Cobalt Filters Plus System, leaving the most browning rays!! This superior filtration process carefully selects the UV rays and blocks the most aggressive ones, for the best results in Safety and Performance and a longer lasting tan! In addition, the shape of this great machine helps you to avoid pressure points for the best even tan. Sundaze Tanning is the only salon in Manhattan to have this bed! Available at our 37th AND 56th locations!

Silver Bullet

Pressure Level: Medium (Level 3)

UVB: 2.5% UVA: 98%

Max Exposure: 12 Minutes

Introducing the state-of-the-art, new Silver Bullet!, complete with total client controlled internal air-conditioning, 2 high pressure power shoulder spot tanners, 3 Extreme Tan Technology 600 watt Heraeus Facials, body and misting breeze systems and client controlled adjustable facial intensity all in a power-packed dynamic 12 minute session! Available at our 37th AND 56th locations.

Advantage 350 Ergoline

Pressure Level: Low (Level 1)

UVB: 8% UVA: 92%

Max Exposure: 15 Minutes

The Advantage 350 Ergoline has 38 tanning bulbs and 3 High Pressure facial tanners, a rarity in base equipment, with adjustable cooling fans for your comfort. This German made bed is stronger than other base tanning units and is great for developing a base tan. It has a maximum tan time of 15 minutes.

Ergoline 8000

Pressure Level: High (Level 2)

UVB: <1% UVA: 99.5%

Max Exposure: 15 Minutes

The ultimate machine for the upper-body. The ergoline features 4 intensity settings for the desired output intensity. Ergonomically designed, form-fitting lounge. Huge high pressure facial & upper body panels with two additional hand tanners ensure the deepest tan possible. Maximum exposure 15 minutes. Available at our 56th location.